Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Live action Jin-Roh.

Set in future Korea, the Public Security Department enact machinations to try and disband an elite and merciless police task force. On the surface, this film has a lot going for it: It's based on a moderately popular anime (Jin-Roh), it has good action scenes, nice sets and costumes, and is quite violent (even if it's not as gory as Jin-Roh). Unfortunately outside of these it is an absolute snooze fest as they lean heavily into the political drama side of things (which to be fair is a criticism I also level at Jin-Roh).

Needs more of these guys in action!

There are many characters you don't end up caring about and long scenes that don't really add anything but running time to the movie, especially traversal scenes near the end. Yes we know where everyone is going, we don't need ten minutes of speechless film showing them get there. This is another case where less is more and unfortunately, this falls into my not worth watching category.

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