Sunday 14 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XII

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Andromeda Zombies Colonies: Storyless generic first person shooter with zombies in space. Garbage.

Andromeda 2 Zombies:  The second part of "Andromeda Zombies Colonies" is no better. In fact, it's actually worse. WTF.

Countrified: Is in Portugese with not a good enough English translation for me to get started.

Farming Engine: Very little instruction and a fixed camera makes this very unappealing.

Greedy Goblin: Cute exploration game where you are trying to take all the humans treasures, plagued by bad design decisions where you drop stolen gold if you sprint and poor controls (where control movement and camera movement are both manual and on the keyboard). They do recommend a gamepad though so maybe it's better there? I wonder if I can filter out any shitty game that requires / suggests game pads... because like VR, I never intend to get that tech.

High Entropy Challenges: This first person stealth puzzler is hands down the best free game I've encountered during this entire crusade thus far. Highly, highly recommended!

A great game that requires some thinking.

Jetscout Boot Camp: A sprite "don't bump the walls" game where your controls are limited to left, right and thrust. Bleh.

Penimorta: An excellent and funny bullet hell pixel game in which you are a wizard trying to escape from the titular 20 floor prison. 10 of those floors are bosses. Simple controls, difficult game. Thumbs up!

Survival Engine: Feels like a slightly better version of Farming Engine, but still unappealing.

Three of Cards: Is in Chinese with not a good enough English translation for me to get started.

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