Tuesday 15 March 2022

GTFO: R6B2 - Contaminant (Secondary)

We've come back upstairs to do the Secondary goal of this map, to do two terminal uplinks, which thankfully is a lot easier than the previous hell we were in. Archer was available for this run so our loadouts were as follows:

Jim: Hel Revolver/Choke Mod Shotgun/C-Foam/Hammer
Archer: Carbine/Scatter Gun/Burst Sentry/Hammer
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Bat
Me: Assault Rifle/Shotgun/Burst Sentry/Spear

For those not familiar with GTFO, doing Secondary or Extreme goals are optional - but if you do them or not you must always also complete the main objective to win the mission! This means you can just follow my previous write up, up until the point where you get the bulkhead key and plug it into the controller (second last paragraph). Instead of picking MAIN this time you will need to all stand on the SECONDARY scan which unlocks the bulkhead to the North which is a checkpoint scan (yay) so gear up before triggering it.

Explore inside keeping in mind you need to save doors. You will soon come across a large hallway with a blood door to the West and a blood door to the East. We did West first and only used one mine and sentry while firing from the open little door. Clear the zone past it to find your first terminal right beside a large door. Jim perma-iced this while both sentries waited outside while Archer and DL covered the smaller Northern door, which was also closed and mined.

Note that for terminal scans, enemies will spawn one ROOM away (instead of one ZONE like most alarm scans) so they will attack from both doors. One person (me in our case) is stuck on the terminal, after entering UPLINK_CONNECT [ip address] begins the enemy spawn. In this mission each terminal will need 4 verification keys. Terminal person must type UPLINK_VERIFY xxxx (where xxxx is a code that matches on the HUD - it will be among a number available). So if it says Verify X04 and your HUD says X04-TOOL then you would type UPLINK_VERIFY TOOL.

There is a delay while the machine verifies each of these so expect to hold for a minute or two (especially if like me, you make typos). Once all four codes are done, the waves stop and you can regroup and resupply. Then head over to the East blood door and this time we used both sentries and mines AND mined an extra door to get through. In this zone the terminal room has three doors. We mined all and had sentries inside pointing to the ones further from the door (iced too), and stationed one person per door with me on the terminal.

This time the enemies came from those doors with the turrets and the team held while the codes were typed. Note the team can also help verbally since they can see the codes on the HUD so terminal person should call out the required code. Once that is done, congratulations - that's the end of the secondary objective. You'll find a bulkhead key while doing these terminals, so use that to unlock the main bulkhead door to complete the rest of the mission.

As a reminder, this one is an alarm scan and will send circles into the fog below. Now that the enemies have multiple paths into this room because the secondary bulkhead is open, we stationed Jim and Archer as mobile guards to fight the waves while DL and I did circles. Once unlocked, just follow my previous guide from the second last paragraph to find the HSU and GTFO. :)

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