Thursday 10 March 2022

Cursed Dragon's Dogma (Netflix)

Two Fantasy Series on Netflix.


A tale set in the Arthurian age, this focuses on a young woman named Nimue (Katherine Langford) who is shunned by her village for being "cursed". She also quickly gains a legendary sword and soon becomes a leader to those who oppose murderous zealots trying to eradicate their kind. Weak acting and a weak plot that manages to butcher a few other Arthurian characters is a good reason why this only lasted one season. Not really worth watching.

The action scenes aren't very strong either.

Dragon's Dogma

A dark fantasy animated adventure loosely based on the game of the same name, this seven episode series follows a man seeking revenge on a dragon (also a main plot point in the game). Decent animation and action, but don't expect the same story as the game at all here. While the accents were a bit odd at first I ended up enjoying it and do recommend it for fans of this genre. Just don't expect any overly complicated story arcs.

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