Sunday 6 March 2022

GTFO: R6D2 - Crossways (Main)

It's been awhile since our last GTFO victory and since our fourth player was off in Elden Ring, we decided to bring a [BOT] instead which is a new feature in this rundown - you can bring up to three in place of people and if a live player hops in they just take that slot. If they jump out, a [BOT] AI can replace them with the load out the player had. While they are pretty good, immune to infection, undetectable in stealth and awesome on bio tracker they are clumsy when it comes to using c-foam, mines and shotgun type weapons - friendly fire WILL happen. They will also not stealth kill anything so that will all be up to you. Our winning load out ended up being:

DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Bat
Jim: Hel Revolver/Choke Mod Shotgun/Burst Sentry/Hammer
Me: Assault Rifle/Choke Mod Shotgun/C-Foam/Spear
[BOT]: DMR/Heavy Assault Rifle/Burst Sentry/Hammer

This level is also almost exclusively Charger territory. These spikey sleepers have no bonus head damage so make sure you melee them from behind while they nap. Once awake its almost always better to go loud as they can outrun you and are very dangerous up close. Against the giant versions (also present here) you'll want to go for limb destruction which forces them to stagger to buy you time. Lastly there are also lots of Charger scouts here that have the same behavior as a regular scout, except you can no longer one hit melee them to the face.

Instead it requires two full charged hammer or spear strikes to the back, or a single shot from a shotgun (all pellets must hit) or sniper rifle to the back  and by back I mean "your feet must be pointing in the same direction as its feet when you hit". If you aim at it's graphical back while its turned at a 45 degree angle away from you, you will not get the bonus damage / will not kill it / and it will summon chargers. If you are carrying a scatter gun, then you can just blow it away from any angle if you are close enough - just follow the tentacles in.

This level's main task of finding 9 terminals is harder than it first appears. Unfortunately I didn't get a good screen cap of the map, so I've made a very rough one instead (not to scale and it doesn't show the room separators for areas C - F) and will explain it like in a D&D manual. :P

Zones we visited in alphabetical order. Except for Z. That place sucks!

A - Entry Zone with one terminal and a few sleeping chargers. Door East (to H) is a regular team scan. Door West (to B) is also a regular scan, but the enemies inside will wake up after a few seconds to make your life hell. Door North (C) requires a power cell (from b1) and is a moving scan which goes in an ascending counter clockwise motion around the central structure. Once you finish the scan you'll be at the top most dark floor. I suggest jumping from the big opening in the South of it onto the second floor landing to the right then retreating downstairs back towards your starting position where you first deployed to finish off the wave.

B - contains babies AND a mother who will wake up after the door from A is opened. The method that worked for us is everyone hide just up the ladder right beside the entry door (in room A) and blast initial babies as they come up - then I'd show my face, mother would birth, repeat baby killing procedure and then everyone charge. We'd put both turrets pointing in prior to opening the door.

b1 - Blood door with babies and regular sleepers. Both turrets pointing at the door from the entryway and a low mine make this easy. Inside is a lot of supplies, the key to b2 and a cell for the Northern door of A. Another mission terminal is in here.

b2 - Blood door that spawns mostly giants and some regulars. Hybrids also come if they hear the mine at the door, otherwise they'll still be asleep inside. We setup at the SE corner of room B, giving a lot of space to shoot giants. There's a terminal down in the poison fog. If you don't crouch you don't need a fog repeller.

C - Sleeping chargers and supplies. The door to D is a checkpoint scan. The door to E is an error alarm that can only be turned off from g1. Don't let this error alarm scare you, it only summons 3 chargers every 1-2 minutes or so which makes it easy for 1 or 2 people to just hold off the wave while the others advance and loot.  

D - Right behind the checkpoint door is a charger scout, probably so you can get used to dealing with them. Lots of sleeping chargers in the rooms thereafter, especially the bulkhead control room. Follow the left door to get to the terminal here and ping the bulkhead key which moves around. Ideally you don't need to mess with the second charger scout near the end of the zone (the room right beside the terminal, but it also contains the bulkhead door for the Secondary task). Door to D1 requires the main bulkhead unlocked. Door to Z is a regular team scan BUT DON'T GO IN THERE. :P

d1 - This is the extraction zone and contains one charger scout and a bunch of supply cabinets. If you are lucky, you might get c-foam grenades. It's worth killing this one anyway and if you goof (which I did), hold inside this room against the wave of chargers.

E - Contains sleeping chargers you need to kill loudly thanks to the error alarm. Make sure you save the first regular door after the error alarm door. Once you have killed the sleepers AND the error wave, shut/mine/ice that door and go North to start the big cluster alarm door to F. There are LOTS of circles here, so after the initial team scan is done C-foam person must go on duty to hold the door for as long as possible. Highly likely enemies will break through before you finish the scan so fight well. Once you are back down to the error alarm spawn of 3, leave two people to continue to hold there while the others advance north.

e1 - Located in the South West corner of room E, this chamber has more sleeping chargers, possibly more gear and one mission terminal. Only visit this one after you've turned off the error alarm.

F - sleeping chargers, gear and one mission terminal (again leave it till error alarm is off).  This zone ends in a blood door to G that should be mined. Time it so that after an error alarm wave someone opens it and runs back. We also used the next regular door (close it as the blood door opener runs through) as a second mine spot.

G - four giant chargers sleep in this room. Someone needs to sneak past them and into the next chamber (g1) to turn off the alarm. Lots of gear in this zone too but be careful. If you don't feel like sneaking, one person should fire and run back to the big room in F where the others can wait to smash the four giant chargers down.

g1 - Has one charger scout. If you snuck past the giant chargers you'll need to close the door behind you before dealing with it. There is a terminal upstairs and to the left of the door when you enter. This is both a mission terminal and the terminal to deactivate alarms. Once the alarms are off, be sure to get codes from this terminal and the ones in F and e1 as you backtrack and look for any extra gear.

H - Contains poison fog which you need repellers for, as well as giant sleeping chargers. Shoot from outside (in zone A) to lure and kill the ones in H. Hopefully the fog turbine is in here. If not, its in h1. It is essential you find it. Now there are two doors to h1 - upstairs and downstairs. Leave the upstairs one closed and always enter from downstairs.

h1 - A few more giant sleepers, possibly more gear and lots of annoying screaming cancers on the walls. Again, fire from zone H into h1 to lure and kill the giants then enter the downstairs door, shut it, mine it, c-foam it and we placed both turrets from the door facing inwards (so things that broke the door and ran past would get shot in the back with the backstab bonus). It's worth looking for more supplies in here, just go slow and shine those damnable cancers. DL also put two mines on the tall staircase from the alarm door (to I) to the upstairs door between h1 and H.

Once ready, start the alarm door to I. As long as the upstairs door to H is closed, the charger army will only attempt to get through the downstairs door. Should a circle take you to the upstairs section (as ours did) let the mines do their work and then you can hop down onto some boxes to save some time getting to the last circle. Fog turbine person, be sure to drop it and provide cover fire to help the team. You have enough time to empty a clip or two before needing to pick it up again.

I - Important! If you've already done the other terminals (your quest goal is 7/9) then I advise sending someone back to d1 to wait for the extraction circle - and not C-foam carrier (give all remaining tools to him). This big room contains the final two terminals you need, one in the center of the room and one along the right wall hiding between some boxes. Among the towering pillars also walk 5+ charger scouts! I ended up C-foaming and spearing 3 to death so that DL and I could get the terminals, but Jim and [BOT] were ready to extract in case we goofed.

If you goof - rush the terminals and type in the code. You have just enough time to do this as the charger scouts scream. Getting 9/9 turns on the extraction circle to let you win the mission if someone is already waiting at d1... though whoever is in room I is probably screwed. :P

Turns out we didn't goof and could all GTFO! Huzzah!

Z - Much bigger than the tiny black box on my map, it is your "optional" path if you don't want to do the alarm scan and/or have no ammo. In this darkness there are three terminals hidden behind silent stealth scans. Each room also contains regular sleepers, charger scouts AND sleeping mothers! It's a horrible, horrible area that is much worse than the error alarm. If you are going to attempt it, bring loads of glow sticks.


  1. Just know that your work here is sincerely appreciated. I know it takes time to understand a game this well and even longer to put it into words and functional blueprint-style images. Thank you, from everyone in the GTFO community <3

    1. Thank you! Glad to know someone is reading these. =)