Wednesday 27 May 2020


So, why does he look like evil Spiderman?

The search for truth knows no boundaries for reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), which lands him into hot water when he sticks his nose where it shouldn't be. Coincidentally this happens to be a research lab involving some very hungry extraterrestrial parasites. Any Spiderman fan will know how what happens next, but the plot is still quite engaging regardless.

Something looks off about his feet...

Having Venom "speak" also makes for quite humorous scenes when he's not decapitating or eating people. The special effects are great, acting is good, and there's not really any slow part to the show which admittedly was much better than I initially imagined. Definitely one I'll recommend, and one I will happily watch again. I give it 4 meals out of 5.

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