Monday 11 May 2020

Firefly Adventures: Sneaky Hacks

Today's board game session is from Firefly Adventures: Bandits and Browncoats.

After a few days of surveillance, the team knew exactly how the thugs patrolled the base of their information relay. As planned, the squad arrived from three directions: Mal (DL) from the South, Zoe (wifey) and Jayne (mom) from the West and Wash (me) from the North, with each quietly taking out a patrol guard as they arrived.

This made breaching the main facility a cake walk, but hacking the actual server node was far more challenging with Wash having the most success at it. Meanwhile Jayne didn't even make an attempt, opting instead to try for a safe in the backroom. Unfortunately it too was digitally sealed.

With a good haul of sellable information on hand it was time to go, but a new goon arriving on a shift change muddled up the timing of their escape - long enough for the alarm to trigger and for the bad guy cavalry to arrive en force, right from the direction of their escape vehicle!

Time to go loud.

Having no option but to fight, the team made use of the large garage door as cover to shoot under - laying waste to the incoming line of gunmen while only taking minor injuries themselves. There was no shortage of bad people however as more thugs began pouring into the area (literally, because on this map if they "see" a dead body - remove the body and spawn a goon).

"We need to move now!" yelled Jayne as he threw a grenade into a cluster of incoming baddies - killing nearly all of them, only to have a fresh batch arrive again.

Predictably, Wash was the first one to the car and got it started while the rest fell back firing - reaching the vehicle and making their escape just in time. Mission success!

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