Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Firefly Adventures: Surprise Retrieval

Today's board game session is from Firefly Adventures: Bandits and Browncoats.

The job was simple: get in, get the item and get out. The guards in the complex would be suspicious if they saw the team traveling together, but as Mal (DL) knew by now - expediency was key opting to once again go guns hot. It was a manic few minutes as the two fireteams: Mal and Jayne (mom) on one end, Wash (me) and Zoe (wifey) on the other worked their way to the center - obliterating the guards wandering out of cover.

On one of the bodies, Wash found the master key and tossed it to Mal who opened the main storage unit in awe - the item was priceless! Mal greedily tucked it under his arm only to have a loud alarm go off as soon as he turned for the door, summoning a swarm of goons onto the crew!

More weapons = more options!

Jayne was caught in the worst position, flanked in the open - taking a number of hits that nearly brought him down. The rest of the team scrambled to help him with Zoe taking down chasers, Wash doing another near point blank sniper shot through a door to kill the gunman behind it, and Mal tossing a grenade that wiped out a whole cluster of the enemy.

Jayne managed to eliminate the last bad guy personally, and with the area clear the crew was clear to make their escape and cash in big time. Mission Success! At this point the crew are rolling in $11,400 credits. :)

Alas, that is the last mission that comes with the base game which is a shame given how cool it is.

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