Thursday 7 May 2020

FTL: Flagship

[Part of the Adventures in Space journal]

Having destroyed the Zoltan military craft, Rick is careful to use their new long range scanner augmentation to avoid further encounters with enemy ships - easily navigating to LRB after LRB until finally... they reach the Federation Fleet and transmit the data.

"Thank you, Who the F* Cares! Now we know the weakness of the rebel flagship that is about to enter this sector! Please, you must help us defeat it."

"Hey, t-that wasn't the deal!" began Rick, but Morty forcibly took the comm unit and shouted "Definitely! You can count on us!"

"W-What are you doing Morty?" Rick shook his head and had another drink as Morty took the helm, setting a course to intercept the rebel flagship before it reached the Federation Base. "I upgraded the ship to d-deliver the message, not t-to fight the D-Deathstar!"

"But we HAVE to Rick! It's to save the UNIVERSE!"

Turns out the flagship is an absolute juggernaut!

Just then, the massive flagship came into view. "O-okay kid, go for it," Rick said as he put his feet up on the console to focus on his drinking. Morty pressed all the buttons, fired all the guns and lazers and missiles, but it was only scratching the enemy juggernaut. In exchange, the Who the F* Cares was taking massive damage with hull breaches and fires everywhere.

With no option Morty screamed and hit the FTL drive to warp out of there. "We failed Rick!" Morty said sadly. "I failed!"

"N-no you didn't!" argued Rick. "You w-wanted to deliver the m-message thingy, and you did. Case closed! You won! T-trust me kid, take the win. Besides t-there are many other universes for us to save!"

"Oh.. oookay." mulled Morty as Rick opened a portal with a hand held device. Morty walked in sullenly.

"WAIT FOR ME," cried Charlie as the rebel flagship suddenly arrived at their position.

"Nice knowing you Charlie," said Rick with a wave as he stepped through and shut the portal leaving Charlie alone on the vessel. Looking out a port window, Charlie saw the flaship somehow make an angry face as it prepared all of its many guns to finish off the tiny Kestrel once and for all. She couldn't even scream as everything became enveloped in a bright and purifying light.


Insight: The long range scanner is super handy, but you'll need to still intentionally seek out those ships and defeat them for enough upgrades to take on the flagship!

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