Sunday 24 May 2020


"I'm the original vigilante!" -Oliver Queen

After being presumed dead for five years, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns to Star City with new skills, a bow and arrow, and a secret mission to become someone else. Something else.

DC really hit the bullseye with this TV Series with good physical action pieces, nice world building and decent story lines especially early in the show when it's focused mainly on him. Over the course of 8 seasons Oliver's team expands a bit which does end up diluting the quality as more time is given to other characters and the flashbacks get more ridiculous.

I'm guessing it also made the salmon ladder more popular.

On the flip side, it also allowed for spin-offs such as the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow - later coupled with annual crossover events to include Supergirl, Batwoman and others and now proudly fly the "Arrowverse" flag. Definitely a series I recommend, though after season 2 your mileage may vary.


  1. I made it through Season 4. Watched an episode or 2 of season 5 and decided to be done. Never got in to Legends of Tomorrow. Supergirl lost me at the end of season 2, Flash I think I made it through Season 4, but then didn't pick it back up when S5 started.

    I dunno, they just all seemed to run out of steam for me.

    1. You also get superhero fatigue after awhile and yes, other than Legends of Tomorrow which is for crazy people like me, all the others don't really improve much as they go on.