Saturday 2 May 2020

FTL: Who the F* Cares?

[Part of the Adventures in Space journal]

"What the hell, Morty! I-Is this some sort of game?" asked Rick as he fiddled with the little data cube in one hand, and a manifest datapad on the other.

"No! Come on Rick, that Charboobie lady said that we - we need to deliver the thing to the Federation to help save the universe!"

"Urgh. Fine," Rick replied with an eye-roll before tossing the data pad to a waiting droid that beeped in annoyance. "THIS SHIP REQUIRES THREE CREW."

"You!" pointing at Summer idling nearby. "Get into the gunner seat and shoot the shit I tell you to!" Rick commanded, followed by a swig of his flask.

"Cool!" she replied as she ushered her little brother Morty up into the Kestrel class vessel. Rick followed but was stopped by the droid who rolled into his way and beeped "SHIP REQUIRES NAME".

"Who the fuck cares?" Rick said angrily as he kicked the droid aside as an emphasis on the word "fuck".

Ship's name successfully registered!

With all the crew aboard the droid righted itself back up and announced "WHO THE F* CARES? CLEAR FOR LIFT OFF".

"Summer!" yelled Rick from the cockpit. She replied by firing destroying the droid with the lasers.

Insight: If it wasn't obvious yet, this game is a rogue like which means you can only save when you quit. Otherwise, what happens - happens!

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