Saturday 30 May 2020


Definitely a surprise.

Being plus size, Willowdean (Danielle Macdonald) is not too popular and is often at odds with her mom (Jennifer Aniston) who is heavily involved with beauty pageants having been a past winner herself. When things reach breaking point, Willowdean opts to join the upcoming pageant herself just to spite her.

Not something I thought I'd watch...

While there certainly is a "fat girls can do it too" element to this movie, I am happy to report that it's not actually the focus of the film which sees a lot of character growth in almost every person involved. Other than some bits where Willowdean self sabotages, the plot is pretty good - backed with good acting that made us laugh and cry.

Totally unexpected that I'd enjoy this so much. I do recommend it and would definitely watch it again - I give Dumplin' 3 Dolly Partons of 5.


  1. I saw this a while back, and thought it was decent. Not something I'll rewatch, but I don't want my watching hours back either.

    1. That's a pretty good summary actually Magson! Guess I had a slightly more positive spin since I was expecting it to be garbage right off the bat. :)