Friday 22 May 2020

Love Letter

Sixteen cards of perfection.

To gain the affections of the Princess, two to four players must compete against each other by ensuring their letter makes it to her each round while thwarting everyone else. This tiny game only consists of sixteen cards, which ensures a fast game play but also rewards deduction, which is aided by all discarded cards being face up, and all players having a list of all the cards in the game.

Simple and perfect!

Each player only holds one card. On their turn they pick up one card and discard the other, using the special power of the one discarded. Discard a priest and you can see someone elses hand. Discard the king can swap your remaining card for one of your opponents. Discard a guard lets you name a card and should your target be holding that card, they are out. Discard the Princess and you are out of the round.

If there are no more cards to draw from the round ends,  whoever holds the highest value card (Princess being the highest) wins. It's simple, fast and very enjoyable. It's also not violent if that's important to your group. Due to its size and being featherweight it makes for a great trip companion and on the cheaper side of things. Highly recommend this one. I give it 5 love letters out of 5. 

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