Sunday 10 May 2020

Firefly Adventures: Misbehaving Delivery

Today's board game session is from  Firefly Adventures: Bandits and Browncoats.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds (DL) led his team of Jayne (mom), Zoe (wifey) and Wash (me) into the shady looking town. Under the crook of his arm was a package that they needed to deliver to someone in this area, but the details of who were quite vague.

"Split up and behave," was his instruction as he trudged towards the nearest house on his own to hopefully get directions. The fat goon inside was not the easiest person to talk to, and while Mal eventually got the info he needed, it also resulted in a short brawl in which he knocked the fatty out.

Upon exiting to the street, he was greeted by mayhem. Wash had somehow set exploded a water silo AND set it on fire (in that order) and was running for his life from two angry thugs with Jayne and Zoe openly providing cover fire. Blood and numerous bodies already lay littering the roads.

There is no parlaying in the wild lands!

Picking up his pace and still trying to remain casual, Mal headed to the contact who was more than happy to receive the package - but he wasn't willing to sign for it. Mal insisted as he needed that for payment but there was no talking him into it, resulting in another brawl!

Despite this man happening to be a skilled martial artist, Mal killed him with his own sword before running back out - package still in hand. With the entire village now slaughtered, the squad returned to the ship in failure.

Fortunately, upon opening the package themselves they find enough contents to fund their next adventure!

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