Monday 18 May 2020

Rimworld: Killer Robots

[Part of the Adventures in Space journal]

A call from Wroughtfield leads to a visit from friendly the colonists of the Northwest Histheberium, his old crew, who provide much needed medicines for Rattlesnake in exchange for Syn's huskies. Syn is understanding but unhappy at this. Silverlight is also feeling down as her cheating advances towards El Duce while her husband is still in recovery is rebuffed. This affects her shooting when a scout of Vladinas Porcupines attacks. Luckily, Rudy saves her with his trusty club.

Within a few days a trade caravan from the Abanqueiro of the Ocean also arrives, with more medicines and furs for the coming winter. It is a busy time at the homestead, and in that moment Rudy breaks through a mechanical wall in the nearby mine - releasing killer robots that slaughter him! The machines then advance to the settlement in an attempt to kill everyone with their blades and guns.

It's like Skynet was just waiting!

Fortunately they are severely out numbered and only manage to kill three Abanqueiro tribesmen and one of their alpacas before being destroyed. Silverlight thanks them all personally as they groups depart for the journey home. The robot scrap and gear on the corpses (lots on the alpaca) are left for the Marauders, as are the advanced meds and drugs in the robot's den. Also present are three cryocaskets. Unfortunately those only contain more corpses.

Insight: I sort of had to lure the robots into the allies for them to take part in the battle. The Marauders on their own would have had no chance.

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