Tuesday 12 May 2020

Firefly Adventures: Swifty Rescue

Today's board game session is from Firefly Adventures: Bandits and Browncoats.

Using the intel gained from the information relay, Mal (DL) and Zoe (wifey) set course for a nearby prison camp where one of their old wartime buddies was being held tortured. Being a time sensitive mission Mal decided to skip the sweet talking with the entire crew going in guns hot.

Corners and shotguns are a lovely combination.

Zoe opened by blowing away two guards with her shotgun gaining the attention of a third whom Mal shot in the back. Jayne (mom) and Wash (me) took down the remaining two at range, giving the team full run of the place for now. Unfortunately they didn't know where their compatriot was being held so it was going to be a door to door affair with the squad splitting up to cover more ground.

Zoe and Jayne only found empty buildings but Mal lucked out - finding the captive inside the largest structure along with the three goons beating him up! All three rushed the intruder and Mal knocked out the first two, but barely won against third, "the Butcher", as Wash needed to use a medkit stims to keep the captain going.

Jayne provided cover fire as more goons began arriving with Mal and Wash carrying the captive to the landing pad, but the Butcher Mal initially KO'ed got back to his feet and raced out of the building, managing to knock down Mal and almost kill the captive before getting a near point blank sniper shot from Wash - putting him down for good.

With Jayne carrying the captive and Zoe helping Mal back to his feet, Wash could finally call the Serenity for extraction. Mission success!

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