Thursday 21 May 2020

The Bridge

Physics is wrong, until it kills you.

In this odd, pencil art platformer you are a very slow and nonathletic scientist who is clearly tripping balls as apart from being able to only walk left and right, you can also rotate the world to suit your needs - which is usually just to unlock and step through the next door.

Things get very tricky when dealing with gravity and physics, especially in the later stages when you have multiple things to keep track of that follow their own different "laws". Fortunately the stages are quite small and the game quite short because spinning the world can really bring on the headaches.

Prepare to get dizzy...

An interesting one to be sure, and one more for thinkers than for your standard platform players. I give the bridge 2.5 murder balls out of 5.

Insight: Don't go left at the start, it's a waste of time. Also in many stages, you need a light and measured touch when it comes to spinning the stage.

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