Sunday, 3 May 2020

FTL: Number One

[Part of the Adventures in Space journal]

As soon as the Who the F* Cares left the station, Rick - drunk at the helm - flew it straight for a sun about to go supernova and catching the ship on fire. Only through Morty's timely intervention did they survive to douse the flames. Strangely, a line of ships was nearby - waiting for the rebel checkpoint to clear them to jump to safety.

Rick cut the line, bribed them rebel guards with some scrap and FTL-ed out of there before the sun exploded, taking all the others out in a beautiful inferno.

"Way to go, grandpa!"

"See that Morty? You a-always gotta look out for number one," mused Rick as he accidentally flew right into an asteroid field. To make matters worse, an auto-fighter - the same one that destroyed the Bugly Bugs - decloaked nearby and began pursuit! Morty screamed in a panic as Summer and the fighter exchanged laser fire. After another swig, Rick put the thrusters to max +11, skimming through the asteroid belt and letting the rocks destroy their pursuer.

This put them right in the middle of the rebel fleet. "RIIIIICK!" exclaimed Morty as he pressed random buttons at his console. Summer spun the guns around in amazement. "Which ones do I shoot?"

"ALL OF THEM!" barked Rick, coating the controls with saliva as began evasive maneuvers - managing to FTL to safety just in time... though by then the ship was on fire again.

Insight: Having upgraded engines and the energy to power them makes your FTL drive charge up faster.

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