Friday 15 May 2020

Rimworld: Cassandra

[Part of the Adventures in Space journal]

Silverlight, Rattlesnake and El Duce emerge unscathed from the escape pods on this planet designated as "Cassandra", which surprisingly is not inhabited by the Rocks who patrol its space. They get to work assembling their stockpile and shelter knowing that any inhabitants will likely come to investigate the crash. Silverlight even has the foresight to start planting a rice field. Soon enough, tribal scouts of the cannibalistic Purple Ridge Covenant do just that and attack the cabin but are thwarted with the rifle and pistol Silverlight had stowed.

Fortunately their next visitors from the Abanqueiro of the Ocean are a much friendlier tribe, having brought simple supplies to trade. The also assist when a hunting accident turns into a stampede of Ibex, which injures all three of spacefarers. With a fresh supply of meat their new friends return to their own camp a few days away, but leave a gift of a precious metal: Uranium.

"The great spirit also wants you to know we can nuke your settlement at any time."

Once they are fully recovered, El Duce begins research on how best to improve their settlement while the other two are out hunting. They return with an old, wandering wild man named Rudy. Unable to ignore someone in need of help, Silverlight had decided to take him in.

Insight: While there is some building and planning, most of this is actually an idle game.

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