Tuesday 19 May 2020

Rimworld: Year One

[Part of the Adventures in Space journal]

It is already winter when Rattlesnake is able to return to menial duties. While hauling animal carcasses he meets Kaelun the pistoleer who is being chased by another of Vladinas Porcupine pirates. The Marauders defeat her pursuers and take her in, learning that the pirates have a base nearby. The NWH offer a bounty to whomever can take it out.

The Marauders accept and after a day or so of preparation El Duce, Syn and Kaelun head out while Silverlight, Wroughtfield and Rattlesnake defend the home base. It takes a day to reach the enemy camp, guarded by three opponents and an auto turret - but due to foggy conditions El Duce decides to hold off on attacking for a few more hours. Syn, unable to take it, has a mental break and starts wandering around in a daze.

Fortunately the fog clears soon after and El Duce and Kaelun engage the pirates - luring them out of the base. El Duce ends up killing them all with his rifle while Kaelun is severley beaten, losing a toe. El Duce quickly snipes the battery powering the auto turret which completes the mission, and then uses the pirates own base and supplies to patch up Kaelun - which takes days.

This delay means the trio suffer from starvation on their return trip as the pirates had very little food, but they make it back home safely regardless. Come spring and the anniversary of their arrival on this planet, the homestead is in good shape again and with the nearby ally tribe and colony, Silverlight knows their new home is going to be ok (and I'm giving up on it since this game is boring).

A screenshot of the actual game. Better graphics are to be desired.

Insight: Bring lots of food when you traverse the world map. Unforeseen delays can really muck things up!

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