Wednesday 15 April 2020

Spiderman: Far from Home

Marvel's new flagship? Stark thinks so.

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker aka Spiderman (Tom Holland) is looking forward to a class trip to Europe in hopes with hooking up with his crush MJ (Zendaya). Of course that would be too easy without some superhero level bad things happening which involve one Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Congratulations, you've been promoted.

The effects, acting and comedy all get the thumbs up from me here. I have to say my previous dislike about Zendaya's MJ is gone now since the plot let her shine a bit more. More so, Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic... up to a point, but that's probably more a writing problem and possibly the biggest plot hole of the story.

You'd think SHIELD would know who works for and with people right? Especially for their important assets like those who are part of the Avengers? Yeah. That's what I thought too. Anyway, enough its still fun and crazy stuff happens to look forward to the next Spiderman outing, so it's best if you watch this regardless. I give it 3 Edith's out of 5.

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