Sunday 17 May 2020

Rimworld: Cold Snap

[Part of the Adventures in Space journal]

With an extra mouth to feed the Marauders attempt to hunt a mega sloth for food during a lightning storm. While they manage to slay the beast, this goes badly for Rattlesnake who went into hand to hand with the massive creature. Wroughtfield, a wanderer passing by, hears the gunfire arrives and assists without hesitation - while El Duce uses his medical skills to stabilize Rattlesnake it is Wroughtfield that gets the more mundane tasks like cooking done.

Seems mega sloths also show up in Fallout.

Subsequent expansion to the cabin during an eclipse also accidentally releases a Purple Ridge scout they had captured previously. They let her go as a cold snap then hits the region, prompting the team to stay indoors and sew some jackets. Outside, the some of the animals and crops begin dying. This is actually beneficial in clearing a few of the rice fields afflicted by blight.

A few days later they hear cries of help from outside and find a lady named Syn being chased by Purple Ridge scum. They take down her pursuers and take her and her three huskies in. It is also during this time they learn that Wroughtfield is incapable of violence (on still living things at least), making him useless in combat.

Insight: People don't like barracks style sleeping arrangements, they like individual rooms (preferable square or rectangular) that are lit with potted plants. Mood debuffs are annoying.

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