Friday 8 May 2020

The Wolf Among Us

Runs your childhood favorites through a filth bath.

In this wonderfully voice acted, five episode Telltale interactive story - Fabletown, home to characters from childhood stories, is undergoing some dark times starting with a gruesome murder. As the Sheriff Bigby Wolf it is up to you so solve the mystery and catch (or kill) the perpetrator.

Its worth mentioning the cell-shading style art is really good too as is the mystery portion of the game. I was quite happy with the amount of blood and gore too. While there are a few areas you can walk around and interact with the environment most of the time you will be selecting action or verbal responses within a time limit that can change how the story goes. More actiony bits such as combat are handled in QTE fashion.

A few awesome violent bits too.

Not so well done is the resolution, and certainly the "laws" by which Fables live. Some people can survive what seem to be surely fatal damage while others cannot. A clearer explanation would have been nice. Definitely an interesting experience and one I can recommend for people that like story-telling. I give it 3 huffs out of 5 puffs.

Insight: If you want more of these stories, the game is based on the Fables comic series.

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