Thursday 1 June 2023

Horrified: Custom Monsters IV - Michael Myers and Dorian Gray

It's been awhile since Horrified's made it to our gaming table, and this pair of custom monsters turned out to be very surprising! For reference Frankenstien and his Bride (included in the base game) filled out the third opponent slot during this session. Also while I got both Myers and Gray from the BGG Horrified Variants forum, I can't seem to find them any more... but I'm not sure you'd want to!

Michael Myers

This Halloween villain is currently the only "regular" human that we've fought against, and it certainly felt like it. To defeat him you just need to put down 3+ strength item/combo on the "inner circle" of the map which symbolizes placing a trap. Once you have one of these in each of the three colors, you can use your action points to force Mike to walk into them (or he might just walk into them himself) and upon stepping on the third one he basically defeats himself. This turned out to be really easy, so not recommended.

Dorian Gray

The only weakness of this immortal is his painting hidden in his mansion (which is also his starting space). To find it, players need to go to the mansion and spend red or blue items to push forward the search (much like pushing forward the boat for the Creature from the Black Lagoon) until you get the painting at the attic. With the painting in hand, you then need to finish him off with a few more red and yellow items which isn't so bad. Searching that mansion is a nightmare though as it eats SO many items and worse - its on the inner city track and one that is high traffic for monster pathing. A surprisingly difficult monster and one we only beat by the skin of our teeth as our cards were running out.

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