Monday 20 December 2021

GTFO: R6A1 - Artifact 7 (Main)

Been awhile since we've won any GTFO levels, and now that it's now out of Early Access with Rundown 6 is a great time to do so! There are new melee weapons now and the ability to have AI controlled allies if your party is short a few players. Being the stubborn mules we are, we still did this one with our three man team:

DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Bat
Jim: Bullpup/Shotgun/C-Foam/Hammer
Me: Pistol/Machinegun/Auto Sentry/Spear

Weapon notes: the hammer is the same as before, the bat is a faster hammer but with shorter range, the spear is slower but can hit farther. Also the Machinegun has way more recoil now making it much less useful than previously.

Since this is the tutorial level you are graced by an opening with zero monsters and three doors. One needs a key and the other two are just team scans, but this is a teaching moment about only opening the door you need so use the terminal to list and query the key then open the correct one.

You'll have light spawns of sleepers in here so practice your stealth kills while you get the key and head back to the locked door. This is a class II diminished alarm, and enemies will spawn from the door that is open. Crash course on alarm ranks: the number is how many sets of circles you'll need to complete (including the initial one at the door) before the door unlocks and enemies stop spawning. Diminished means less baddies than usual will spawn.

There will still be around 15-25 baddies to deal with. Finish the circles and clear them all before opening the now unlocked door to be introduced to giants. Sniper fodder. From here on you'll have light to medium spawns of sleepers and a LOT of ground to cover (they're showing off) but the basic gist is just keep heading North.

Eventually you'll reach the security door to zone 79 which is a class III alarm. We mined each door and c-foamed the two southern ones (they actually came from the SW door and East door for us) but it was fine. This is followed by a long chamber with a regular team scan door at the end. In the pit of the next room is the objective: the Matter Wave Projector.

Once you pick that up (and go WTF) you'll need to keep running North through to zone 81 which only contains an extraction point. Setup defenses quickly (mine the corridor, cfoam the floor, set turret) as the slow extract guarantees at least one wave of enemies reaching you. Survive that and GTFO!

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