Thursday, 23 December 2021

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion of Magic Cats!?

Merry Christmas everyone! My gift for you this year is to stop that crazy Steam crusade I've been on... well more like, stop posting about it in its current format. Posting those daily soulless lists was about as much fun as reading them.

Now I'll just be posting about the ones I enjoyed, starting with the titular Ho-Ho-Home Invasion which fits this Christmas season. In this top down stealther you play as Santa who needs to deliver presents to everyone without being caught. It's pretty tough!

If you prefer your stealth to be easier and with a fantasy slant, try Curse that Magic Cat. It's a cute student made stealther where you play a cat who on each level needs to find three spell books before the bumbling evil wizard does.


And if you just want a top down absurd zombie game that features no stealth whatsoever try I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES 1NIT!!!1. All you need to do is survive for the entire song, which is the main point of interest/creativity for me. Somehow I ended up playing this one way more that the first two!

All of those are currently free on Steam. Enjoy and have a safe and fun Christmas!

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