Friday, 31 December 2021

The Mind and The Grizzled

A pair of cooperative card games.

The Mind

In this two to four player cooperative card game, players are given cards that have a number from one to one hundred and without talking or telling anyone what they have - put them down in numerical order from lowest to highest.

That would be easy if all numbers were handed out but nope. On level one, each player only has one card. On level two, two cards and so on (our best was level five). Somehow, this makes for a very fast and fun party game - even for spectators. Definitely better than I initially expected. Worth checking out!

The Grizzled

In this one to five player cooperative card game your goal is to uncover the "peace" card buried under 25 trial cards and have no cards left in any players hand. At the start of each round the leader says a number and that's how many cards dealt from that pile.

Then on their turn players will usually play a card, trying to avoid having any three of the same symbols on the trial cards show up. If this happens, the mission is lost. All played cards return on top of the peace card and cards from the pile on top of the "monument" card follow suit - one for each card still in a players hand (minimum of three).

Art by Tignous (RiP).

If the monument is revealed, the players lose. Also if any one player suffers four "hard knocks" (lasting conditions that are a pain to deal with) they lose.

While each player will be able to mitigate some dangers by removing cards from the battle field, or cards still in hand, or the above mentioned hard knocks, the challenge comes from not actually being able to tell your friends what is in your hand. A very neat and difficult game that requires some thinking. I quite enjoy this one.

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