Sunday, 12 December 2021

Cowboy Bebop (Live Action Season 1)

A good take on a good anime.

Following a crew of space bounty hunters, this series has the difficult job of being compared to the excellent anime it is based of. The slow first episode that includes bad guys who are really slow on the trigger is not a great start but the quality picks up greatly as each episode goes by. There are also changes to the plot which might bug purists, but I quite like this rendition of the show which blends equal measures of cool and dorky. My wife, who hasn't seen the anime, feels the same.

They try replicate shots exactly in a number of scenes. It's pretty cool!

Great visuals, great music (mostly the same Yoko Kanno ones from the anime) and a great main cast. I also like what they did with Vicious. Sure, he might not be the mysterious dragon he was in the cartoon but taking the time to flesh him out works better for me since he becomes a character rather than just an obstacle. I give this season three unkillable clowns out of five. Recommended, and hope there's a season two!


  1. There won't be a season two. It's already been cancelled. It wasn't well received and didn't get great viewing figures, apparently, so they junked it. I have it on my watchlist but I haven't seen it yet. Not sure if I'll bother, now I know it's going nowhere.

    1. Noooooooooo! That makes me a bit sad, but I get that it wasn't for everyone. Thanks for letting me know Bhagpuss!