Friday 24 December 2021

Exploding Kittens

Needs to be played with the right crowd.

A competitive card game for up to five players where everyone starts with a "defuse" card and a random array of seven others. On your turn you can play as many or as few (none is valid) cards as you like, many of which are of the "take that!" variety.

Afterwards you draw a card and play moves to the next player, UNLESS the card you drew was an exploding kitten. In which case you must use a defuse card to remain in the game (and hope others don't cancel that). Otherwise you're out and get to watch everyone else play while idling and doing nothing (because that's fun).

Fortunately the game rounds are pretty quick and the last player who isn't exploded wins. My family found this hilarious but everyone played nice most of the time, never "noping" a defuse and usually only cancelling direct attacks on themselves. This is how we enjoyed it.

Obviously the mechanics are there to let you be more cut-throat if you want, so your enjoyment with this one really depends on what you are after and what the people you are playing with are after. As long as everyone's on the same page if there's a gentleman's agreement or balls to the wall take that (which it is by design) then it should be fine. Otherwise...

Take that!

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