Thursday 16 December 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XXXI

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

25 Layers of Pain: Bland 2D pixel platformer that requires precision jumps.

Captain Bones - Prologue: This action survival game starts out with you washing up on an island where you are lucky enough to have someone teach you the ropes. Combat is pretty clunky. I didn't get very far though as any game that needs you to balance hunger, HP and thirst (and you get thirsty if you eat) is too much work for me.

Demon Turf Trials: Cool 3D platformer with 2D sprites where you are trying to beat all the demon gangs into submission. Lots of loading screens and recommends a controller though, which is kinda shit.

EFO - Escape from Outerworld: Student made 2D puzzle platformer where you are an alien who has telekenisis that can move ruin blocks while under time pressure to reach extraction before the beacon expires. Fun for awhile but making your own staircases gets old fast.

From the Grave: Silly first person shooter where you must survive waves of zombies while stuck in a castle. Earn money by killing then buy guns and couches (to unblock passages). Bleh.

Go Home, Mr. Fisk!: A 2D platformer with intentionally bad controls since you are a fish trying to make its way out of a cooking pot and back to the river. Garbage.

Hair of the Dog: A short and funny point and click adventure game which is fully voiced but has lousy art. Still worth a look for the laughs if you have nothing better to do.

Project Exhibited: A student made first person sneaker. Only one map and pretty challenging too. Very good.

Don't get caught!

Project Hive: 3D shooter where you are trapped in a space mine and your worst enemy will be the unfriendly camera and controls. Also crashed my PC when trying to quit.

Rogue Planet 1 - Golden Hour: A first person shooter that has way too many loading screens and not enough shooting. Lolzor at the voice acting too.

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