Sunday 29 August 2021

GTFO: R5A2 - Recollect (Overload)

We're going backwards on the floor level today to complete a mission we've done many times now, only this time we're going after the OVERLOAD bulkhead which is short, sweet and deadly. For the most part, our entire run follows the normal version with a few differences, starting with the load out.

DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines
Archer: Heavy SMG/Sniper/Auto Sentry
Me: Auto Pistol/Combat Shotgun/Auto Sentry
Jim: DMR/Combat Shotgun/Auto Sentry

Note: We didn't go for Prisoner Efficiency, which means also doing the Extreme version (turn off the lights) on top of everything. We'll save that for when we need to unlock the E floor.

Tool Expenditure was as follows:
1 mine for the regular bulkhead class II cluster alarm
3 mines and two auto sentries on the long bridge for the class III cluster alarm

After opening the cargo room (Zone 20) is when most of the changes take place. It is important that in this entire segment, one person stays in the long bridge room to prevent the cocoon chamber from respawning. Also do not pick up the Hi-Sec cargo until everything is ready! This includes looting and sharing out the supply packs in Zone 20, again mining the long bridge and leaving one auto sentry there. Facing the Overload bulkhead (which is in the same room as the bridge), turn left and find some stairs up.

We put another auto sentry here facing the bulkhead, and a few low mines. Upstairs, at the over watch position looking at the Overload bulkhead the last auto sentry faced the stairs. Most importantly, Archer was carrying some fog repellers and Jim and I each had a c-foam grenade. Once set, DL and Archer took the over watch position while Jim collects the Hi-Sec cargo and just takes it out of Zone 20, then drops it to head to over watch.

This starts the endless "final chase" waves of 2-3 strikers and also unlocks the overload door which I open. Inside is one big room with random pillars and a single hard disk inside a cabinet we need to collect. Of course, it is guarded by a mother which auto-wakes as soon as the door opens. Mothers fart dense fog which makes it difficult to track them, and more worryingly can keep birthing 10-15 baby strikers every minute or so. While our team have snuck past one previously (for Archer, this was his first), we've never killed one before. This changes now. :)

Combat plan is simple: hold the over watch position until the first wave of babies is dealt with, then while Archer throws fog repellers from upstairs Jim and I charge in with C-foam and combat shotties. Of course, I miss my grenade throw. Luckily Jim doesn't and so with the mother frozen we can destroy all the bulbs on her back really quickly with the combat shotgun pair and finally put her down.

Then the snipers simply have to hold position while the shot gunners retrieve the hard disk. Afterwards, someone has to carry the cargo while everyone else covers and as a team head to the extraction point to hold and GTFO! FIRST MOTHER KILLED! YAY!

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