Thursday 2 December 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XXIV

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

1 Screen Platformer - Prologue: 2D pixel platformer with numerous death traps and poor controls. Yuck.

ButtonMash: A hand drawn 2D pixel platformer of irritation. Bleh.

Codename TIARAS: Student made 2D platformer with bad controls.

Dodge It!: A game about breaking your space bar while collecting black dots and evading red dots. Garbage.

Gun Witch: A 2D action platformer where you are a student witch who must use her magic kalishnikov to kill the baddies, and graduate from school. Super grindy.

Last Soul: 2D pixel platformer with bad controls. Mouse to shoot, e, D to go right, shift to sprint, F to dash? Nope.

Shotgun Witch: Since demons  stole your spellbook you set out to get it back... with your shotgun! Better music than Gun Witch, but this game is a bullet hell shooter. Not for me.
Phantom Project: A high quality "walk around in the dark and avoid the monster" game. This one did get me frightened, best one of this genre I've run into in these crusades so far.

There are things in the dark, and that candle does nothing against them.

Phi: Student made top down maze navigator where you are a soul eating slug. Eww... and bleh.

Warlock Bentspine: 2D pixel platformer where you play the titular warlock who moves far too slowly to make this game worth playing.

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