Wednesday 1 December 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XXIII

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Flatline: Student made side scrolling platformer where you are a future age ninja. Not bad but the controls for wall hopping feel a bit clunky.

Pixel Poops: So... you need to lay huge turds to trap the people passing by to score points. If too many get away, you lose the game. W-T-F.

Project Kat - Paper Lily Prologue: A well made exploration game with low horror vibes because the protagonist is pretty gutsy. Backtracking here is ok since the map is small, movement speed is fast and there no obstacles in the way. Makes me want to play the full game!

Her reaction to the supernatural: "Meh".

Rival Rampage: Seems to need multiple people to play. As usual, no one is playing it. Fail.

Rocket Bots: Nice graphics for a first person shooter, but its just wave combat against silly looking bots. Bleh.

Rhythm Brawl: A pixel "fighter" that involves pressing buttons to the beat, but the buttons don't seem to match up to the song. Bleh.

Space Warfare: A 2D clicker/idle game where you need to focus on upgrading mines and factories on various planets. All the spaceship fighting stuff is automated. Bleh.

SPACE/MECH/PILOT: An idle/clicker set in space. Bleh. I think I'm going to just skip all idle games from this point.

Ties: A kiddy 3D platformer where you play as someone with a parasite head crab who can grapple to some ledges and constantly talks to you in baby speak. Cute but... bleh.

Unity Invaders: Invaders made by someone learning Unity? Bleh.

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