Monday 27 December 2021

Five Minute Dungeon

Stays true to its name.

The objective in this one to four player cooperative card game is to defeat a dungeon and the boss at the end before time (tracked by a voice over app or a simple timer on your own device) runs out. 

It has a uniquely shaped box too.

The dungeon is basically a stack of obstacle cards that you open one at a time. Collectively you must throw cards with the relevant required symbols to beat it before you can open the next obstacle, or in some cases use your characters special power to simply brute force past a particular type.

All of this expends your hand, which is bad since each of the five bosses all need a mixture of things to beat them. While the bosses and dungeon vary in difficulty (shorter deck of obstacles = easier dungeon) the time limit is always the same: five minutes.

And it will be a crazy adrenaline filled five minutes too. Quite fun if you are after a quick and light game. It is easier with more people though - we got really into it and simply crushed it twenty times in a row. Worth a look if that sounds like your sort of thing.

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