Friday 10 December 2021

The Cloverfield Paradox

In space (stations) everyone can hear you scream.

Somehow the Earth has run out of fuels to use (because tidal and solar power is shit apparently) so an experimental space station is launched to try create a new source of energy. This sci-fi horror focuses on the crew of said station who are in for a bad time when their experiments start causing dimensional tears.

Some bad stuff is happening? We'd better split up!

After a pretty slow start (so slow they actually fast forward quite a bit) it does pick up slightly as things start going wrong - but almost all the scary parts are foreseeable, especially when people start going off doing solo things (because that's a good idea in a horror, lol). Despite that and the slightly subdued pacing I thought it was OK. Nothing great though, nor is it one I'll watch again or recommend. I give it one and a half space worms out of five.

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