Friday 17 December 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XXXIII

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Chromalition: A 3D platformer where you are a skating graffiti artist who can turn into graffiti? Poor controls - obviously not designed for PC.

Cry of Fear: A first person horror walking simulator with some jump scares. I assume there might be fighting and puzzles to solve too but I got bored traversing the large open areas of mundaneness. Opening the game in a pitch black map is also didn't help encourage me to keep playing, even once I did get to the lighted streets. Garbage.

Loopomotive: A colorful top down game where you must drive a train around a track for a particular amount of time to clear the level. If you hit any cars (or they hit you because they never stop) you fail and must restart. Bleh.

Mount Serenity - Guardian of the Spirits: 3D explorer and platform puzzler where you must send a friendly flying dragon to collect runestones to unlock each area. Slightly confused why the dragon just doesn't win the game himself.

Puzzle Box Palace: Student Made first person light platformer puzzler where you visit your grandpa's house which happens to be a puzzle box (in that walls and gravity moves around). Pretty cool and not overly difficult to solve.


Runo: A narrative first person walking simulator with nice graphics. I quickly ran into a game breaking bug with the red bucket though, and when trying again got stuck with the mundane stuff. Not recommended.

Souls of the Wind: A 3D platform puzzler with large areas to explore, but something distorts the sound for me when talking to other characters or in cutscenes.

Squared Up: A top down puzzle game with basic graphics where you play a geometric shape (starts as a square but you can shapeshift later) to navigate mazes and such.

Touhou Block Fall - Yukari: A hand drawn block matching game where symbols fall from the top (like tetris) while you can swap columns next to each other to try get them to match vertically (only) to clear them out.

Virtual Exhibition: A virtual photography gallery. Bleh.


  1. Jesus dude. You have the worst taste I have ever seen. Why do you even write these garbage blogs, it's pretty clear that no one is even reading them lol

    1. Clearly you read them though? :P You're right though. While there's nothing I can do about my taste, I should find a better way to blog about these. Thanks for pushing me to try improve! :)