Tuesday 21 December 2021

OSMO Detective Agency

A pretty cool where's "x" game.

OSMO is a game system that comes with a stand for your iPad and a top attachment mirror that uses the camera to detect physical spaces in front of it.

In Detective Agency, you are usually chasing after a thief (silly ones since it's target audience is kids) and must follow clues using the provided magnifying glass on the many provided well illustrated maps. The program will tell you want to hunt for, and all you need to do is place the magnifying glass on it to register - though you might have to also physically move the map to get it into the cameras range.

Great idea... if you like finding things!

While things like "find the Eiffel tower" are pretty easy I do like that they also have tasks such as "find three cyclists", "find the guy in the yellow shirt", "find the tiny briefcase", "find something in this shape (the hint is colorless)", and my favorite "find the thing described by a clue with no image provided" to test if you've been reading the educational hints as you find things.

The campaign is of decent length and features a lot of collectibles to decorate your office too. Pretty cool and makes a decent gift for kids into this sort of thing. As a bonus, they'll be able to then use any other OSMO games they get in the future!

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