Wednesday 8 December 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XXIX

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Arc Apellago: Student made 2d platformer with nice hand drawn art. Annoying controls though.

Astra: Student made first person shooter where you are sent to an alien party planet to stop the DJ and his cronies from stealing the generators from other planets. Eh, its ok.

Devolverland Expo: A really cool first person sneaker shooter that lets you attend a cancelled game expo. Nice ideas, and pretty casual as it is meant to be a showcase of their new games.

A game that advertises games...

GashiShachiNoShachi: I... don't even know what is happening. LOL.

Helix Slider: An endless faller where you move your triangle around the inner edges of a pipe to avoid obstacles. Meh.

Hollow Mind the Lost Puppy: You play a puppy-kid in this 2D platformer set in a 3D environment, which makes it incredibly stupid. Level 1 has the best example: there's a thin pole in your way which any normal creature would just walk around. You need to use a teleporter to get past that obstacle. Stupid game.

Rise of Humanity Prologue: Doesn't even start. Absolute garbage.

Security Guy vs AI - The Dawn of AI: Decently addictive top down shooter where you are a new security guy that has to deal with rampaging robots. Camera angle can be slightly annoying especially when fighting the final boss.

Stellar Raid: Lousy side scrolling shooter.

Survival in Africa: Stupid 3D game where "Africa" is just some random zone enclosed by trees and inhabited by pigs, deer and zebra - whom you need to chase with your sword.

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