Wednesday 1 December 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XXII

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Amarok Dreams: Walking simulator in the dark where you can only walk on the maze like walkway. I assume there's some sort of monster too, but the walking part got too boring for me to find it. All the flashing screens don't do this game any favors.

Arcus: You play a mercenary archer who goes takes contracts to defend villages against undead, then spend your earnings for more gear. It plays a little like a shooter where you must manually fire your bow from the defense towers. I quite like it.

Cool idea.

Bounty Below: An idle clicker game with some nice piano music while digging rocks. When the shop prices reach past the quintillions you can tell this was designed to be left on for a long time. Not my sort of thing, but damn haunting piano track kept me going for too long. :P

Consternation II - Another "walk around in the dark and avoid the monster" game with Minecraft level of blocky graphics. Bleh.

Cyberplug: An odd platformer I didn't get into. Doesn't help that everything was in Spanish.

The Hidden Room: Did not like my graphics card, but is basically a first person "solve the room" game. I gave up early at the QR code segment but others who like puzzle games might enjoy this.

Incremental Epic Hero: Go on an epic quest... while idle. Eh, Bounty Below is better.

Psych: In this 3D action adventure you play an escaped alien lizard who has to escape from futuristic slug ghost people. Got boring very fast.

Ruka: A cute and short grid puzzler where you need to navigate through each room in a haunted house with a set number of moves. Not bad.

The Scary Square: No walking in this silly horror - you simply sit across from the monster the whole time while playing various sounds. Lol.

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