Wednesday 29 December 2021

GTFO: R6C1 - Navigation (Main)

After beating R6B1, this level is a solid introduction of why GTFO is a bastard. LOL. Also, since this was an impromptu session only DL and I started (no bots) and Archer and Jim joined in later with the following loadouts:

Me: Pistol/Shotgun/C-Foam/Spear
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines/Bat
Archer: DMR/Shotgun/Auto Sentry/Bat
Jim: Bullpup/Shotgun/C-Foam/Hammer

In this map you need to collect three data cubes, and they are in a set order. Map wise if you stand at the first alarm door Z144 this is North West, then West, and North East.

Heavy sleeper spawns litter the initial area so DL and I stealth killed the lot before Archer joined us to search for all the gear and handle the door to Z144 which is a class IV cluster alarm (initial scan + 3 sets of 8 small and fast circles). This first room has SIX doors into it but only TWO from the start zone which is where the waves will spawn from (DL mined them). For us, they came through the upstairs door with some giant strikers for good measure.

After looting the next tiny zone the next alarm door to Z145 is an ERROR ALARM. This means a single circle, but the alarm won't stop and enemies (strikers and hybrids) will constantly spawn every minute or so. Fortunately this alarm can be switched off, but you need to move fast and loud to do so (which is something Archer excels at).

While the error alarm is going advance quick while closing doors behind you and mine them to thin your pursuers (DLs job). You also need to handle the sleepers in front AND to find a key card at the same time (Archer and I) as the door to Z146 is locked. Once the key goes in, its just a regular team scan into the next chamber where the terminal is located (along the right wall, downstairs). Type in "DEACTIVATE_ALARMS" to finally end that error alarm sequence and back track to loot any missing kits. At this point Jim joined the game.

The door to Z147 is a regular scan and holds the first data cube. Picking it up teleports you to the rocky desert where you must survive against the flying things until you get teleported back. Then you must backtrack and head to the Western section of the map where there door Z148 is a checkpoint (soft save) scan. YAY!

Past that, the door to Z149 is a Class V alarm with two doors in. Enemies will come from both, but since we had two C-foam launchers at this point it was easy as both Jim and I did door duty (one each) and DL's mines and Archers turret upstairs took out everything. Inside this door is what DL terms "ATTACK ON TITAN". We ended up using a lot of our ammo killing the 9+ striker giants within who are guarding Z150 which is a regular scan door again.

If that wasn't BS enough, the next room contains 5 SCOUTS. As spear boy, I dealt with the majority with help from Jim c-foam grenading a couple and DL sniping the last. If you don't kill them, the door to Z151 is a regular stealth scan - which means no alarm but a lot of little circles to stand on. I don't like your odds of doing that with 5 tentacle bastards lurking around.

After that you'll find data cube number 2 and again be ported to survival desert filled with flying bastards. Due to ammo shortages Archer and Jim actually went down here, but we survived long enough to be teleported back (and both of them immediately revived). Now its time to head Eastward on the map and find Z152 which is thankfully a second checkpoint scan. YAY!

Beyond this is large chamber and the next security door needs you to type something in the terminal at the base of the huge 5 level pit below. Before you do this, collect all the gear as there is LOTS and you will need it. Archer also placed his turret facing the door into the room, while DL mined the inner staircase (the ones closest to the pit). Jim and I also iced said staircases just before the mines in hopes to catch more of them.

Once you are all set, the entire team needs to be at the terminal when you type the command in as this begins a MOVING TEAM SECURITY SCAN. Everyone must stay in the circle as it moves at walking pace while flyers, hordes of small strikers and a hybrid or two come to get you.

From the terminal, the scan will move out to the wall then AWAY from the staircase up following the outer circle. Eventually it will go up the stairs and then to a complete loop of that floor before heading to the next set of stairs directly ahead of the ones you just came up. This is choke point number one as baddies will be in front and behind you. Shotguns are useful if you don't hit each other.

The scan will push up the stairs immediately then advance along the right wall up and around the little raised section before coming out and then to the large doorway with stairs up to the top level. This is choke point number two. I used a c-foam grenade behind us to delay pursuers while the others brute forced past a hybrid.

Once you get to the top floor the scan will complete and you are free to scatter a little - but we went straight for the door and started the slow regular scan while finishing off our pursuers. Holy hell. It is super tense, but if you survive up to here, you are already good.

Data cube #3 isn't a survive segment, it's just a short "be afraid" teleport and the extract is a no enemy, fast circle which an excellent way to GTFO.

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