Sunday 26 December 2021

Monopoly Mega Edition

Better but still has the problems of Monopoly.

This board game version of Monopoly comes with a few extra board spaces and the important speed die which has a chance to either give a player a bus ticket (one use to move to any spot on their side of the board) or Mr. Monopoly which after your normal move (and pay rent/buy etc) teleports you to the next unowned property.

If you don't want to buy it the bank auctions it then and there and the highest bidder wins the deed. Once all properties are owned, Mr. Monopoly will start teleporting people to the next property they need to pay rent on, which speeds up player elimination (last one standing wins).

Some people like keeping things in order. I'm not one of them.

Also different in this version, if you own all but one of the same property color you can already start building houses to get more rent. You do still need all of a color to construct hotels though - and skyscrapers which are basically death traps to any non-owner who lands there.

It's a pretty good effort to speed up the game, but lets check on the bad mechanics. Roll to move? Check. Player elimination? Check. Runaway leader? Check. Long game? Not as long as the original, but still 3 hours for us. Ultimately best left for people that already like playing Monopoly. If you didn't like it before, this won't change your opinion of it.

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