Tuesday 1 September 2020

August 2020 Review: Lack of Sleep

Some drunk women decided to drive their car into my office building this week, at 8:45 AM - I guess they stayed up all night? No one was hurt as they managed to get their handbags to walk away, abandon their ride and harass other people nearby. Thankfully those morons were taken away by the cops. I too am suffering a lack of sleep but for a different vice: gaming.

With another low-key Blaugust participation done, my work stress continues as does our progression through GTFO which regular readers would have noticed my writeups of. We're in the R3B level now... and I thought the top floor was hard! Haha! Getting lots of gaming done besides that, including Neverwinter with its Avernus related modules. Probably should switch out some of that gaming this month for sleep. Lastly, for those interested in the results of "the music war", here's where its at.

   End 2020 with less weight (-1 kg from last month, running total: +4 kg)
   Make 1 web comic page (nope)
   Make a board game (nope)

Just Cause 4 [free from Epic Games]
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms [free on Steam] (had enough)
Zombie Army Trilogy [gift]
GTFO [gift] (Awesome! Still playing!)
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop [free from Steam]
Dishonored 2 [gift]
Resident Evil 2 [gift]
Metro Exodus [gift]
Metal Gear Survive [gift] (done)
Killing Floor 2 [free from Epic]
NWO: Path of the Damned [2/2]
Warhammer 40k: Rites of War [free from GOG] (had enough)
Tacoma [free from Epic Games] (done)
+20XX [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
+Barony  [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
+Sword & Sworcery [free from Epic Games] (done)
+3 out of 10: Chapter 1 [free from Epic Games] (done)
+Wilmot's Warehouse [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
+Remnant: From the Ashes [free from Epic Games]
+The Alto Collection [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
+Troy: A Total War Saga [free from Epic Games]
+3 out of 10: Chapter 2 [free from Epic Games] (doesn't start)
+God's Trigger [free from Epic Games] (done)
+Enter the Gungeon [free from Epic Games] (had enough)
+Hitman [free from Epic Games]
+Shadowrun Collection [free from Epic Games]

Board games:
Zombicide: Black Plague (11/11)
Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm (6/6)


One Year Ago

I was admiring impromptu player made content while also bashing Cryptic and Neverwinter a little bit while playing Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2.

Five Years Ago

I was doing my creative writing experiment. Actually I've been doing a lot of story type stuff lately: while I have a few more ready to deploy I'm going to try cut down on that so that I can use more creative power on other stuff, like that comic I never started! :P

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GTFO: R3A2 - Purification

Top Search Terms last Month

osrs inferno cape
osrs infernal cape black mark   

This old school Runescape cape seems to be netting a lot of views again, must be in demand! As for the most viewed posts my guides again are taking high ranks, only being outdone by Pokemon! :P

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