Monday 7 September 2020

Tomb Raider (2013)

Restarting the franchise.

Shipwrecked on a forgotten island teeming with cultists and boxes of TNT, young archaeologist Lara Croft must find a way to survive the place, save her friends and most importantly... raid some tombs. To do this, she must become someone else... something else... the Green Arrow Tomb Raider! While the story here is not too surprising the graphics are certainly a step up from the predecessors however, the controls are not.

She sure visits the best places... not.

For some reason Lara feels very rigid when moving about the place (especially when fighting your first wolves), and that's already with all her crazy athletics thrown in. You'll need to get used to it though as you are sent backtracking a fair deal, especially if you are an explorer or a collector type of player. Despite the open areas this is very much an on the rails game, complete with QTEs you'll need to complete to advance.

It's quite funny how fast Lara changes from innocent and helpless to mass murderer too, though that's more from the design perspective of letting respawning, harmless animals grant XP. Bunnies and Deer beware! Don't worry, you get to slaughter lots of people further down the track too, with no option of avoiding them. Speaking of options, the optional tombs are a nice touch with their puzzles and are always worth going for. All up a fun game but not one you'll be replaying once you've gone through it once. I give it 3.5 doors tied with rope that you can't possibly cut out of 5.

Insight: I ended up using the rifle the most so you might want to focus on upgrading that.

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