Monday 28 September 2020

World War Z (Game)

No one gets to be Brad Pitt.

A strange virus has quickly spread around the world causing the infected to become feral, hungry monsters with a penchant for building human/zombie triangles in large scales. You get to play as one of four survivors who must find a way past the horde and the occasional special type of zombie with special abilities. If one of those pin you down, only a team mate can save you. If this is starting to sound familiar, then you are right on the money. It is indeed similar to Left 4 Dead, but with better graphics and more zombies.

This disease reads a lot like covid...

There is an element of grinding added though as players gain XP and gold to level up their chosen class and weaponry. It's quite fun, especially played co-op, but it does suffer from a lack of maps. It is up to the players to make things more difficult during the match setup to keep things entertaining. Definitely one I can recommend but don't expect it to have a long shelf life. I give it 3 bulls out of 5.

Insight: Just because you upgrade weapons in higher tiers doesn't mean you start with them! With that in mind, you should probably focus on your starting weapons first.

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