Saturday 26 September 2020

Close to the Sun

What happens when scientists science too far?

In a world where Nikola Tesla is conquering the globe with scientific breakthroughs, you are summoned to his massive research/cruise vessel the Helios and quickly find that things are not going so well on the ship. The piles of eviscerated, dead bodies lying in pools of blood sort of give it away. First things first, the environments here are absolutely gorgeous and set the horror scene very nicely.

Might be a tiny bit of blood...

While there are simple puzzles to solve and interact with, there is no fighting and no hiding either. Instead the horror mainly comes from the atmosphere, a few jump scares and a number of scripted chase sequences which for the most part are easy enough to pull off. Combined with a mostly single path through the game you have a semi-railroaded tale which offers little explanation but still a fun time. I give it 2.5 Tesla coils out of 5.

Insight: There is a tough chase sequence in Chapter 8 that verges on annoying. I recommend madly clicking your mouse to hit the interactive thing while you run as you won't have time to stop.

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