Saturday 5 September 2020

How to Survive 2: Base Expansion

[Part of the Diary of Zombies]

DL was not pleased with our prior watch tower loss and has since been working solo to expand the camp and occupy the entire plateau (with storage chests) so that the zombies stop spawning nearby and being more heavy handed with wall side traps for those that do. For the most part, this seems to have worked. I also ran a solo mission - to help farmer Raymond shepherd some zombie pigs into a barn.

Trying to do this as a team was impossible due to the lag, but I managed the task solo to unlock the rest of his other voodoo related, lag-filled quests which we manage to plow through, the culmination of which is the killing of the same zombie pigs. Really Raymond? That guy is an ever bigger loser than Kovac, whom we learn is using his fans and the trappers to steal from the other nearby survivors (like Raymond).

He also setup some evil Easter Egg hunt which lured a little girl "Super" Madison into trouble. Needless to say we save the kid, and collect many chocolates along the way. Most interesting is the Egg-Launcher reward she gives us for doing so... as Jim quickly finds out it really is an acid grenade launcher! Combined with bait that lures all nearby zeds into a tight congregation, this makes for a great weapon.

These zombies seem to be expanding in size too!

Insight: Egg-splosions go through some fences and gates.

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