Wednesday 2 September 2020


Adventure in a mindscape.

Being called out of retirement, you are called to defeat a number of nightmares and restore a broken mind - all in the form of a light and airy kids game! This fantasy setting is really well done with bright colors, simple puzzles and quirky enemies. The main "bad guys" even sing at you while you fight them with easy to use controls. It is really great!

It's all in your head!

A collection component is present too for those who enjoy treasure hunting, but be warned it does come with a lot of backtracking. The tone I suppose is the oddest thing here, where out of the blue you are hit with some dark stuff if you know what to look for. The zone with clocks that have the numbers all on one side struck me in particular (common place in stroke victims and brain damage). Still worth trying, and still worth recommending I give this 2.5 memories out of 5.

Insight: You can't bring "puzzle solving stuff" from one area to another so don't bother trying to be clever. :P

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