Thursday 17 September 2020


So... much... ANGER!

Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is a special soldier with a vendetta, but thanks to some outside help he realizes this is a lie propagated by his handlers and adjusts his target accordingly. While there's nothing too unpredictable here, especially if you've watched the trailers, it is still highly entertaining to watch as the action scenes and effects are superb.

Based on a comic book.

The acting is pretty decent all around too and people that watch Outlander might enjoy seeeing Sam Heughan in an antagonist role (his accent still slips through sometimes). One has to question why the police hadn't been called on the main villain though... anyway this is definitely one for people that like superhero flicks, because that's exactly what this is! Leave your disbelief at the door. I give it 3 wheat bags out of 5 and would definitely like to watch it again.

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