Monday 31 August 2020

How to Survive 2: Pylon-10

[Part of the Diary of Zombies]

With the camp now at level 10, Kovac gives us the challenge of constructing a speaker pylon to try draw more survivors to the area - of course this would also draw all the nearby zombies too but this turns out to be not so bad, with not even one getting into our camp.

Get off our lawn!

As a result from this victory, Kovac gains numerous fans that begin camping nearby and begins experimentation with captured zombies. In exchange he rewards us with leads to gun making supplies and soon DL is able to replicate a rifle while Jim crafts a tommy gun. These are handy when facing the new, night time spawning volatiles who are quite dangerous when encountered in groups - especially if they catch us when we are split up.

Also new in the area is Kenji, who seems to be an old enemy of Kovac - and since he seems a more honorable sort, we begin helping him out too as his old crew has become zombie chow. This pays off for us very well as his missions lead to bountiful resource zones.

Insight: Kenji's first quest is a much better food grind than the first one, provided you can deal with the increased zombies.


Blaugust Bonus: "What is your favorite thing to do in order to relax?" -Belghast

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