Wednesday 9 September 2020

Gone Home

Another walking simulator.

Arriving home early from overseas, you are greeted by an empty house and with nothing better to do you decide to trash and ransack the place in hopes of finding the whereabouts of your parents and your younger sister. You'll be digging through cupboards and cabinets to find hints, notes, lock combinations and the occasional porno mag. Oh my. But yes, the house is completely devoid of life.

At least the graphics are ok.

Luckily there are some voice overs in the form of your sister reading her journal to you (in your head) but unlike the Stanley Parable, this game is more serious and suffers due to it, especially in the replayability department. Not really one I recommend, as the Stanley Parable is superior in all aspects. It gets 2 loud and obnoxious cassette tapes out of 5.

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